RUSI: London's new foreign policy will be based on working with its allies

RUSI: London’s new foreign policy will be based on working with its allies

The new doctrine of British foreign policy should cover the whole world, and be based on working with allies, said the head of international security studies at the RUSI analytical center Neil Melvin, February 26, the press service of RUSI.

According to Melvin, the new national foreign policy doctrine of the United Kingdom should take into account not only Europe but also global interests and responsibilities of the country.

The head of the RUSI department noted that it is important for the UK to have an opportunity to influence the regions where the international policy will be defined in the near future. Such points include northern Europe, the Middle East, the Red Sea region, parts of Africa, southern Asia (especially India) and Southeast Asia.

As the scientist stressed, the main task of a radical revision of British foreign policy will be the formation of a strategy regarding Russia and China. The actions of these countries in the above key points of the world should be taken into account.

Melvin believes that Britain will be able to effectively respond to external challenges only through international alliances and agreements. It is not only about adjusting existing agreements, but also about creating new ones.

Recall that the Royal United Institute for Defence Studies (RUSI) is the oldest think tank in the world. Founded as a museum in 1831, it has been working as a defense think tank since 1839. RUSI is actively involved in the development of strategic decisions of the UK domestic and foreign policy.

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