Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign announce their support

save lewisham banner

The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign have announced their support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill Campaign 2015.

The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign fought to save our local hospital in 2013 and we realise that this is part of the wider fight to save the NHS as a whole.

We fully support the NHS Reinstatement Bill. The campaign behind the draft bill is two things: firstly, an important rallying point for those who will fight to defend our NHS and secondly, an education and a clear demonstration of just how far the destruction of the national health service has gone.

Nobody welcomes another reorganisation of the NHS, but when they realise how far down the road the Government has travelled in dismantling the NHS, people will realise why they must make a stand now. The NHS is in mortal danger: this bill is an important part of the campaign to defend the principles of the NHS.

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, 12 October 2014

If you agree please contact your local MP and prospective parliamentary candidates to ask if they support the NHS Reinstatement Bill.