Liberal Democract MPs and candidates supporting the NHS Reinstatement Bill

PLEASE NOTE: This page was written prior to the General Election in May 2015. The information below is provided for historical interest only, and refers to individuals that were MPs and candidates prior to the General Election.


Thousands of people have been contacting their MPs and parliamentary candidates asking them to support the campaign for the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill.

On 11th March 2015, Andrew George MP (Liberal Democrat, St Ives) co-sponsored the National Health Service Bill – the NHS Bill – when it was tabled in the House of Commons. The NHS Bill was based on the second version of the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

John Pugh MP (Liberal Democrat, Southport) also supported the presentation of the NHS Bill.

John Leech MP (Manchester, Withington) has also stated his support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

Below are the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidates that have stated their support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

Michael Mullaney, Liberal Democrat candidate, Bosworth

Mike Plummer Lib Dem Bournemouth WestMike Plummer
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,
Bournemouth West

“Regardless of whether or not I’m elected to Parliament I will fight to reverse all privatisation of the NHS. I would also support any proposed increases in funding to ensure the NHS continues to offer the world-class service that it always has, does and must continue in the future.”



Stephen Worrall Lib Dem candidates High Peak copyStephen Worrall
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,
High Peak

“I am indeed willing to support inclusion of a bill, in the first Queen’s Speech after the election, that would go a long way to reversing the large amounts of marketisation in the NHS that we have seen over the past quarter of a century. I am also fully behind the restoration of the NHS in England as an accountable public service as in my opinion that is what it should be.”


Robin McGhee Liberal Democrat candidate KensingtonRobin McGhee
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,

“I think the NHS should be run by the public sector, not private companies. When it is public, that means the public has more say in how it is run. It is also more efficient, and very often a good deal cheaper in the long run. I would be happy to support a bill like this in principle.”



Gerald Vernon JacksonGerald Vernon-Jackson
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,
Portsmouth South

“This is a campaign I completely agree with.”




Chris Foote Wood Liberal Democrat candidate, Richmond (Yorks)Chris Foote-Wood
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,
Richmond (Yorks)

“I fully support the principles of the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

(a) I am and have always been opposed to PFI deals as they are costly, wasteful and provide extra and easy profits for contractors;
(b) I am opposed to competition within the NHS as I do not think it is appropriate in any way;
(c) I am opposed to any further privatisation of the NHS and would seek to reverse this.”



Bob Johnston LibDem RushcliffeBob Johnston
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,

“I am happy to support this campaign”





Keith Nevols
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,
Sittingbourne and Sheppey

“‘I support the general principle of the Bill. Few subjects are as precious to people than our National Health Service which must always remain free and obtainable as its most important principles. However, the NHS is too important to be just another political topic, and we have seen that no party has the solution to its current problems. So, while it should remain accountable to the taxpayer, I would like to see all-party representatives and independent experts get together to establish how the NHS can survive in the 21st century.”

Trevor Carbin Liberal Democrats South West WiltshireTrevor Carbin
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,
South West Wiltshire

“I support the principle behind the proposal of restoring the NHS by making a clearly a public service that people could take pride in working for, and would be happy to support something along the lines of the NHS Reinstatement Bill.”




Peter Reisdorf Liberal Democrat candidate Wirral WestPeter Reisdorf
Liberal Democrat, parliamentary candidate,
Wirral West

“I totally support the NHS Reinstatement Bill.  It would put right a lot of the things that have gone wrong in the NHS over the past 10 years or more.”




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