Will your MP attend the NHS Bill debate on 11 March 2016?

We need help to ensure MPs stay in London to debate the Bill on 11th March 2016, rather than going home to their constituencies.

PLEASE would you email your MP to ask them to be there on 11th March?

This is vital. Only pressure from their constituents will make MPs feel it is important enough to stay in the House of Commons on a Friday.

What to say?

We haven’t provided a standard email, as personalised emails have so much more power. The key points to raise are:

  • The National Health Service Bill 2015-2016 is scheduled for debate on Friday 11th March.
  • The aim of the Bill is to reinstate the founding vision of the NHS. There is more information on the Bill here.
  • It is vital that there are enough MPs present in the House of Commons to debate the Bill.
  • Please ask your MP to let you know whether they will attend the debate.

How to contact your MP

You can find the contact details for your MP at writetothem.com

Is it worth writing to all MPs?

The NHS Bill is a cross-party bill that has the support of some MPs from the Green Party, Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats. We hope MPs from all these parties will attend the debate.

It is highly unlikely that any Conservative MPs will support this Bill. But you may still wish to write to them explaining why this Bill is important to you.

Please let us know of any replies you receive from your MP by emailing [email protected]