UKIP prospective candidates supporting NHS Reinstatement Bill

PLEASE NOTE: This page was written prior to the General Election in May 2015. The information below is provided for historical interest only, and refers to individuals that were candidates prior to the General Election.

Thousands of people have been contacting their MPs and parliamentary candidates asking them to support the campaign for the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill.

As a result, we have received some statements of support from UKIP candidates, see below.

Have you contacted your candidates yet? Please remember to let us know their responses, email us at [email protected]

Peter Bush UKIP candidate AbervonPeter Bush
UKIP parliamentary candidate,

“I have been employed by the NHS, as have my family for many years, and for a period of time was also Young Members Officer for UNISON within our health branch. I feel it is a dire state of affairs that our NHS is being privatised without ever asking for permission from the people who have built it up and pay for the NHS. It is our NHS and should always stay that way. Everyone should receive treatment according to their needs and not be afraid of how to pay for that treatment or delay receiving treatment due to financial concerns. I completely support this NHS Reinstatement Bill as does the UKIP Party within their NHS policies.”


Mike Glennon
UKIP parliamentary candidate,
East Worthing and Shoreham

“I can assure you from the bottom of my heart that I would support a return to the essentials of the NHS as I knew it throughout my earlier life.  Rest assured that UKIP would clamp down on the undermining forces that are destroying our NHS.”



Richard Palmer
UKIP parliamentary candidate,
Sittingbourne and Sheppey

“I was employed in the NHS for nearly 12 years, serving as a NHS trained paramedic and for a few years I was shop steward with The Confederation of Health Service Employees and later Unison. I feel it is sad that nearly 75% of the NHS has been privatised without ever seeking the permission of the people who cherish it and pay for the NHS. It is our NHS and should stay that way. Everyone should receive treatment according a clinical need not on the ability to pay. Personally I feel we need an open and honest public debate on what services the NHS should be providing. I would support a return of essential services back into the NHS.”


Marcus John Brown
UKIP parliamentary candidate,
Sutton Coldfield

“The proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill has my full support. Not only is it my own personal philosophy but it is also UKIP party policy to support an NHS that is free at the point of entry and oppose any attempt at privatisation. I have previously supported all other campaigns to save the NHS and protect Good Hope. I was born there and I feel an affinity and loyalty towards it.”



Stuart Adair UKIP candidate TewkesburyStuart Adair
UKIP parliamentary candidate,

“ I think our views align perfectly. I very much hope that I am in the position to be able to support this campaign after the election.”





Have you contacted your parliamentary candidates yet?

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