The Health of the Nation: NHS in Peril

revolutionary 'B' pb grid.qxdThe Health of the Nation: NHS in peril’ is a new book by Lord David Owen.

On its launch, Lord Owen wrote in the Guardian:

“The Health and Social Care Act 2012 – engineered by the former health secretary Andrew Lansley – was a massive blunder, and even senior Conservative ministers now admit the scale of its disastrous repercussions.

The main thrust of the Lansley project was to take the NHS down the American healthcare route, creating an external market and mandating the compulsory marketisation and commercialisation of services.

Such a grave mistake as Lansley’s reform must be corrected. A reinstated NHS would be far better placed to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective healthcare service for England, which is similar, although not the same, in all parts of the UK. Repealing the 2012 act is not a realistic political option but its worst aspects can and must be excised, and the best opportunity to secure a commitment to doing that is before the 2015 election.”


‘The Health of the Naton: NHS in Peril’ is available to buy from the Book Depository or if you prefer you can order a copy direct from the publishers Methuen (ISBN 978-0413777720).  All profits from the book between now and the May 31st 2015 will go towards our campaign.