Take Action

Ask your MP to attend the NHS Bill meeting on Tuesday 28th June at 5pm

On Tuesday 28th June at 5 pm, a meeting will be held in Parliament to brief MPs on how the NHS is currently undergoing a massive reorganisation in order to reduce its services and to further privatisation, and how this will not be stopped without the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

If there’s a good turn-out of MPs at the meeting, there’s a  good chance that the Bill will be re-tabled again in the Commons as a cross party Bill – but this time presented by a Labour MP. The Campaign for the Reinstatement Bill is organising the meeting with Rachael Maskell MP, Labour MP for York Central and former head of health at Unite.

The meeting is intended to help build support for the Bill amongst MPs, so if you support the NHS Reinstatement Bill, please asking your MP if they will attend.

Meeting details: Committee Room 12, Tuesday 28th June, 5-6.30pm.”