Press Contact

Alan Taman Press Contact NHS Reinstatement Bill campaign

The Campaign’s press officer is Alan Taman.

Please ring him at any time on: 07870 757 309

He can also be contacted on: [email protected]

Alan will be pleased to provide quotes, advice on the campaign, and arrange interviews.

Alan has many years’ experience as a health journalist, and as a senior PR in the NHS. He strongly believes in the need for a professional, ethical working relationship with the media.

Please get in touch.

Archived press releases available here.


Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill in the News – Press Coverage

4 March 2016 – The Guardian, ‘Why we support the cross-party NHS Bill’

23 February 2016 – Worcester News, Letter – Bill to restore NHS as an accountable service

19 February 2016 -Ilkley Gazette, NHS campaign group takes to the streets of Ilkley

20 March 2015 – GP Online, Dr Jillian Creasy interview: The GP shaping Green health policy

11 March 2015 – The Guardian, Caroline Lucas: The NHS is teetering on the brink of privatisation. We must stand up for it 

11 March 2015 – New Statesman, A new Bill plots the way back for the NHS – but it’s not Labour who are behind it 

6 March 2015 – BBC News, MPs in bid to reverse NHS reforms

21 January 2015 – SNP Press Release,  SNP: MPs will vote to protect Scotland’s NHS

21 January 2015 – Channel 4 News, Nicola Sturgeon interviewed by Cathy Newman – SNP MPs will vote to save NHS England

21 January 2015 – Gloucestershire Echo, Green Party MP candidate Adam Van Coevorden: The Illusion of Choice?

20 January 2015 – Grimsby Telegraph, NHS will get the hard work

10 January 2015 – Wakefield Express, ‘Save NHS from privatisation’

9th January 2015 – The National, Scots ‘must save England’s NHS’

1 December 2014 – The Guardian, How to take back the NHS, before it’s too late – by David Owen