Presentation of the NHS Reinstatement Bill in Parliament

We hope and expect the the NHS Reinstatement Bill to be presented to the House of Commons on Wednesday 11th March by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party supported by MPs from the Liberal Democracts, Labour, the SNP and Plaid Cymru.

It’s a formal process accompanied by publication of the long title of the Bill, and there will be no debate on the day. If there’s to be a debate on it before Parliament shuts down for the General Election at the end of March, we’ll let you know.

We hope the Bill will be published on 12th March with a very small number of changes to the second version of the Bill we have prepared, and it should then be available on Parliament’s website.

What will happen on the day?

On the 11th March the NHS Reinstatement Bill – which in Parliament will be called ‘The NHS Bill‘ – will get its First Reading. There is a formal ceremony where Caroline Lucas will be asked who is introducing the Bill,  read out the names of the other MPs, and will then walk three steps down the middle of the Commons, bow, take three more steps, bow again, and will then hand the Bill in at the table.  It will be read out by the clerk and will then be formally listed as one of this years bills.  Notionally Caroline Lucas will name a day for the Second Reading debate, although at this stage in the parliamentary cycle this will not happen before the General Election.

What next?

Whilst is a good step forward to present the Bill, we need it to be properly debated in Parliament. To achieve this, we need more MPs and candidates to state their support for an NHS Reinstatement Bill to be included in the Queen’s Speech after the General Election.

Take action – write to your MP and candidates today.