Plaid Cymru MP and candidate support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill

PLEASE NOTE: This page was written prior to the General Election in May 2015. The information below is provided for historical interest only, and refers to individuals that were MPs and candidates prior to the General Election.


Thousands of people have been contacting their MPs and parliamentary candidates asking them to support the campaign for the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill.

On 11th March 2015, Hywel Williams MP (Plaid Cymru, Arfon) supported the presentation of the National Health Service Bill – the NHS Bill – when it was tabled in the House of Commons. The NHS Bill was based on the second version of the NHS Reinstatement Bill.


Hywel Williams MP
Plaid Cymru, Arfon
Brecon & Radnorshire
“The Health Service is one of our nation’s proudest and most precious creations. However, there is no hiding from the fact that this crucial public service is facing a hit from the Coalition’s destructive agenda of cuts and privatisation. Profit has no part to play in public health.”



We also have the support of a Plaid Cymru candidate:


Freddy Greaves
Plaid Cymru, parliamentary candidate,
Brecon & Radnorshire
“I am completely opposed to the privatisation of our vital public services. Not only is the continuing privatisation and dismantling of the NHS in England a threat to NHS Wales because of linked funding but also many people from Brecon & Radnorshire rely on cross-border health care at Hereford County Hospital, which has been suffering under a crippling PFI contract.
Rural services will never be adequately funded when profit is the primary motive of operation and as such I am fully committed to the campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015.”


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