Labour MPs and candidates supporting NHS Reinstatement Bill

PLEASE NOTE:  This page was written prior to the General Election in May 2015. The information below is provided for historical interest only, and refers to individuals that were MPs and candidates prior to the General Election.


The following Labour MPs have stated their support of the NHS Reinstatement Bill.


Below are all the other Labour parliamentary candidates that have stated their support.

Have you contacted your candidates yet? Please remember to let us know their responses.


Peter Dowd Labour candidate Bootle

Peter Dowd
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

I can support the bulk of the contents of the NHS Reinstatement Bill and certainly its spirit. I think some of the proposals in relation to more democratic control of the NHS, abolition of monitor, rolling back marketisation and some other proposals are much needed.



Paul Kenny Labour candidate Boston and Skegness

Paul Kenny
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Boston and Skegness

“I fully support the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill.”





Dr Chris Jones Labour Party Broadland

Dr Chris Jones
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“I am delighted to support the call for an NHS Reinstatement Bill.

As a NHS doctor of 30 years it is my concern for the future of our health service and the damage done by privatisation and comodification of health care that has led me to stand in this election.
I fully support all of the measures proposed and would be delighted to have the opportunity to promote such a Bill if elected.”



Nick Palmer 2

Nick Palmer
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“It’s important that we have both immediate plans and a long-term vision for the NHS. I support the proposed Bill, which allows phased introduction but sets out a clear direction for us to travel to an NHS true to its principles.”




Michael Foster
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Camborne and Redruth

“I support the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill.”




Hugh Lanning Labour candidate Canterbury

Hugh Lanning
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Canterbury and Whitstable

“The marketisation of the NHS is incredibly foolhardy and flies in the face of evidence about the effective health care.  We have to restore the NHS as a fully accountable public service and stop privatisation before it is too late.”



Joe Cooke Labour Party Castle Point

Joe Cooke
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Castle Point

“I emphatically support the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill. As an elected governor of Southend Hospital Trust, I receive a great deal of information and training that reinforces the need to remove the inefficiencies of marketisation in the NHS. We can only achieve our goal through election of a Labour government, with a Labour Party on the correct course.”


Dr Darren Price
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“I don’t want the NHS to be something we used to have, that is why I support the ideas set out in the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill.”



Stuart Rose
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

I would like to see privatisation in the service bought to a halt, funding securely allocated and the constant debate from the Tories about its unsustainability countered by people who will always support it as a public service free at the point of need. Should I be elected in May the NHS will be at the forefront of my thinking. I am of course more than happy to lend my support to this potential legislation.”

Claire Jeffrey
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Folkestone and Hythe

I completely support the NHS Reinstatement Bill; our NHS is one of our greatest achievements and we must fight to retain it for the future. This bill gives a clear way forward to do so.”



Edward Hart
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Haltemprice and Howden

“It is high time that we moved away from the marketisation of our NHS and the wasteful contract culture. Instead of imposing competition between hospitals and fragmentation, services should be run in a manner that compliment each other for the benefit of the public. Commercial imperatives should not influence decisions made about health care both on a communal and individual level. Moreover,It is vital that we reinstate the fundamental duty of the Secretary of State to provide and secure services through a publicly accountable NHS.”


Catherine West
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Hornsey and Wood Green

“Yes, I support the ideas in the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill as proposed by Professor Allyson Pollock.”



SONY DSCMartyn Davis
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“I support this legislation it is vital that we restore the NHS as an accountable public service by reversing many years of privatisation of the NHS. The aims and objectives of the Bill I fully support and will continue to do so.”



Alan Durrant

Alan Durrant
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“I am 100% committed to our NHS and despise the way in which the Coalition Government have set about abolishing the public services including the NHS.  I will support the NHS Reinstatement Bill and will stand up for all public service workers especially the people that work so hard for us in the NHS.”


Barrie Fairburn Labour candidate

Barrie Fairburn
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Grantham and Stamford

“I support the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill. The market has no role in the NHS as it leads to inefficiency by fragmentation and fragmentation harms care pathways. The NHS should be state funded state owned and state operated. The NHS is a victim of a byzantine structure , not its ideals.”



Cat Smith Labour candidateCat Smith
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Lancaster and Fleetwood

“I have read and I support the ideas in the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill, which sets out a clear vision of a NHS true to its founding principles.”




Alex Sobel
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Leeds North West

“At our last conference Labour addressed two key aims of the Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015 and will:
• reinstate in England the legal duty of the Secretary of State to provide the NHS,
• allow private companies to provide NHS services as an exception, only if the NHS can’t and otherwise people would suffer
 I support the campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill which extends what Labour has already pledged to do, which reinstates the government’s duty to provide key NHS services including hospital and primary care, and sets out the roadmap for a Labour government to reverse the incredible damage of the Health and Social Care Act. If elected, I will support the inclusion of the NHS Reinstatement Bill in the first Queen’s Speech.”


Matthew Jason Brown
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Louth and Horncastle

“The NHS is the jewel in the crown of the United Kingdom. A universal health service is the sign of a civilised nation that has compassion towards one another and seeks to ensure that everyone is able to have world class health care regardless of monetary availability. I personally have friends and family who work in the NHS and they tell me how concerned they are about a system that is disjointed and is now putting profit before patient’s as a result of privatisation. The NHS needs to have people at the centre of everything it does. In order to support the dedicated, hardworking and passionate staff that work for the NHS at every level, this bill must be passed.”

Graeme Currie

Graeme Currie
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
North Shropshire

We must all fight to save our NHS. I fully support the NHS Reinstatement Bill.”




Mike Hill Labour Party Richmond Yorkshire

Mike Hill
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Richmond (Yorks)

“Despite claims by the Tory led Coalition Government that they have protected NHS budgets the Trust which runs the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has to make cuts of over £91 Million over the next three years. The Friarage, which is the main hospital in the Richmond Constituency, has already seen cuts to Maternity Services and there are currently issues around opening hours for the Children’s unit due to staff shortages. Efficiency savings on this scale which have been forced on the NHS will undoubtedly impact on local services, which need protecting, not dismantling; which is why I support the NHS Reinstatement Bill campaign. The Tory agenda for Health puts profits before patient care, Labour will protect and strengthen the NHS.’”


Sam Gould
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“I would be very happy to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015. With a very large hospital in my constituency making the NHS work for patients and not profits is central to my campaign.”




James Moore Labour Party Rutland and Melton

Dr James Moore
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Rutland and Melton

“I support the campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill and believe it should be a key priority for the next Labour government.  We must end the process of marketization and privatization and secure the future of this vital public service.”



Dr Jane Berney Labour Party candidate Saffron Walden

Dr Jane Berney
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Saffron Walden

“I was elected as the MP for Saffron Walden I would support a NHS Reinstatement Bill.”




Cheryl Pidgeon Labour Party candidate South Derbyshire

Cheryl Pidgeon
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
South Derbyshire

“I am happy to commit backing the NHS Reinstatement Bill if elected. The NHS saved my youngest daughter’s life, and my eldest daughter is a deputy Sister in an adult intensive care unit in Nottingham – I see how hard she works supporting people and saving lives everyday. The state of the NHS under this Government is the only thing that has made her realise how important it is for a Labour Government to get back into power and save the NHS. People’s health before profit everytime.”


Huw Jones

Huw Jones
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
South East Cambridgshire

“I fully support the aims of the Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015 and would urge an incoming Labour government to seize the opportunities of devolution to cities and regions to ensure the NHS can be held accountable by locally elected bodies. The recent history of the NHS is one of fragmentation, increasing involvement by profit driven companies and a lack of accountability. These are trends that we must reverse.”

Huw has started a debate on the NHS Reinstatement Bill on ‘Your Britain’, Labour’s policy hub.


George Aylett Labour candidate SW WiltshireGeorge Aylett
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
South West Wiltshire

“The NHS is one of Britain’s greatest achievements, it is one of the fairest, most efficient and cost-effective health systems in world and we must do everything in our power to ensure that our NHS is protected.
I support the NHS Reinstatement Bill.



Julian Ware-Lane Labour candidate Southend West.jpegJulian Ware-Lane
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Southend West

I welcome the principles laid out in the NHS Reinstatement Bill, and if elected MP support legislation to reinstate the Secretary of State’s duty to provide.




Kate Godfrey
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“As Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Stafford, I know what it’s like to always be on the frontline of the Tory NHS privatisation and cuts. In five years we have seen our hospital downgraded, our public health care sold off, a cancer scanner that local people raised money for sold in a deal that became a national scandal, and the biggest privatisation in NHS history introduced. And all of it in Stafford.

I support the campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill, which reinstates the government’s duty to provide key NHS services including hospital and primary care, and sets out the roadmap for a Labour government to reverse five extraordinarily damaging years. If elected, I will work to have the NHS Reinstatement Bill included in our first Queen’s Speech.”


Pete Lowe Labour candidate StourbidgePete Lowe
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“I am a qualified Nurse who has worked at all of our local hospitals. I know that our NHS is the envy of the world and that we need to ensure its protection is priority number 1. I have opposed the use of TTIP in our NHS and when elected would continue to do so. I oppose the widening of private contracts in the NHS. I would fully support legislation, such as the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill, that protected our greatest public asset by maintaining public contracts.”



Professor Jeff Kenner Labour candidate Statford upon AvonProfessor Jeff Kenner
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“I am pleased to give my full support to the NHS Reinstatement Bill. Labour created the NHS. It is the task of the next Labour Government to save it. Labour is committed to reversing the privatisation of the NHS. It is also my personal commitment as Labour candidate for Stratford-on-Avon to oppose NHS privatisation.



David Drew Labour party candidate StroudDavid Drew
Labour, parliamentary candidate,

“I am delighted to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill to renationalise the NHS, our most treasured national asset, and to make sure that we get rid of the dreadful Health and Social Care Act.



Alan AveryAlan Avery
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Thirsk and Malton

“Such a Bill would get my full support.





Stuart Roden Labour candidateStuart Roden
Labour, parliamentary candidate,
Truro and Falmouth

I fully support the NHS reinstatement Bill 2015.We need to dismantle the internal market which has been deeply damaging to the NHS and to integrate health and social care as a matter of utmost priority. The ultimate responsibility for the NHS must rest with the secretary of state and we must all work together to reinstate the currently fragmented health and social care provision in the UK.”


And also:
  • Gareth Thomas, Labour parliamentary candidate for Clwyd West.
  • Ricky Henderson, Labour parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West
  • Amran Hussain, Labour parliamentary candidate for North East Hampshire