Independents and other parliamentary candidates support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill

PLEASE NOTE: This page was written prior to the General Election in May 2015. The information below is provided for historical interest only, and refers to individuals that were candidates prior to the General Election.

The Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill welcomes support from candidates from all political parties – and we also welcome support from those who are not in a party at all.

Several independent and smaller party candidates have contacted us to demonstrate their support for the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill.

Richard Lupson-Darnell Independent CheltenhamRichard Lupson-Darnell
Independent parliamentary candidate,

“I fully support the NHS Reinstatement Bill. There are conflicts built into the current system through competition which are designed to impose competition and non-collaboration. The outcomes we are seeing are therefore inevitable. The creeping privatisation of the NHS has to be stopped in its tracks and provision of NHS services has to be returned to full state ownership. It is morally wrong for money to be spent by Government directly providing profit to private companies for provision of health services.”


Robin Scott
Independent parliamentary candidate,
Richmond (Yorkshire)

“I believe the NHS as we know it is at a critical stage. We have a once in a generation chance to save the NHS that we grew up with before it is too late. Rebooting the NHS will require us to reboot our politics. Whether we’ve had a Labour Government or a primarily Conservative one, the NHS has ended up in the position it is currently in. I think that the way to save our NHS is to embrace politicians who are not bound to Party Politics, and will instead vote with their principles, and represent the people who put them in office. The vast majority of voters want our NHS to continue to be a public healthcare provider which is the envy of the world.”


Also supporting the NHS Reinstatement Bill campaign are:


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