Efford Bill 2nd Reading – Friday 21st November

On Friday 21st November 2014, the House of Commons will debate a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Labour MP Clive Efford on the NHS.  This debate is called the Second Reading. If enough MPs vote for the Bill on Friday, then the Bill can move to Committee stage.  It is at this stage that the Bill can be debated more thoroughly, and amendments proposed.  After which there is Report stage and Third Reading before it goes to the Lords.  It is very unlikely to go through all these stages before the General Election in May.

You can read our response to where we think the Efford Bill needs major amendment here.

We have written to all MPs asking them to attend the debate on Friday, and to vote for the Bill so that it has a chance to get to Committee stage. A copy of that letter is below.

Our aim is for MPs to amend this Efford Bill and use the parts with which we agree later in the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015.  The Efford Bill does need significant changes and we will urge MPs to vote for some major amendments which we will propose.

If you haven’t yet written to your MP and candidates about the Reinstatement Bill please do so. We are collecting all the responses from candidates, so please do let us know any replies you receive.

The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign is organising a vigil outside the House of Commons on November 21st – find out details here.

Here is the letter that Lord David Owen wrote to all MPs last week, asking for their support.
David Owen Letter MPs Efford Bill 13-11-2014