999 Call for the NHS – Convention for the NHS

London, Saturday February 28th – 999 Call for the NHS are organising a convention to bring together an alliance of NHS campaigners. Everyone is welcome.

There will be a wide range of NHS campaigners speaking at the event, and a chance for you to network and plan your own campaigns.

One of the speakers will be lawyer Peter Roderick, co-author of the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

Health journalist and Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill press officer Alan Taman will also be speaking about what action you can take to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill, and about the role of the media. 

This will be your chance to hear why we need an NHS Reinstatement Bill, what the content of the Bill is, and how you can help campaign to make it reality.

The event is free – but you do need to register. Go to the 999 Call for the NHS to book your place today.

999 Call for the NHS Convention